In my projects -- and in life -- I place a high value on thinking, and thinking unconventionally. We can always be doing better, and real change in fortunes involves a real change in thinking. Getting the job done is important to me, but I will always draw off of a body of new thinking to see if we're doing the best we can -- or even if our underlying assumptions are correct.

I have a blog called Literature. It contains various theories, opinions, and advices regarding marketing and messaging, pop and politics (not necessarily in that order).

In June 2010, I was asked to write a series on theater marketing for . Although intended for the performing arts sector, the principles may well apply to other arts marketing and even (with a little imagination) to unrelated areas such as politics.

Post #1: Fighting the good fight.
Post #2: Fans ignite the engine.
Post #3: The real stuff.
Post #4: Be good.
Post #5: What is "theater" anyway?
Post #6: Finding the artifact.
Post #7: Sustainability.

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