For all practical purposes, Red Pets is Scot Covey. I have been a marketing and advertising professional for the better part of 30 years. I've worked in a wide variety of settings, including corporate, nonprofits, retail, business start-ups, higher education, and politics. I have a particular affinity for projects with limited budgets: good ideas and good causes that need help reaching an audience.

My approach is broad-based, comprehensive, and multi-faceted. Because there are no easy solutions, I place a high value on listening to and understanding my clients and their operations, truthfulness, and integrity. I aim to see organizations, issues, and products from a variety of perspectives, ask hard questions, and efficiently work for real results.

In 2002, in the wake of frustrating Democratic performances in mid-term elections, I determined to focus my attention and talents on marketing products that matter more than pretty much anything else: the election of progressive candidates to office.

As a political consultant, I have a commitment to making sure good people and causes achieve their goals, sustainably, without resorting to cheap tactics. I have created and developed a set of "best practices" for high-quality image and message development for small political campaigns, based on advertising industry norms. I believe that the most important work a campaign can do is in the early stages, and that field operations and GOTV can only be as successful as the messaging, image, presentation, and professionalism of the campaign allows.

I encourage you to look at the materials included in this website, and get in touch. Chances are I can help, and give you some insight that was previously missing.

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